Pumping Insulin Tender/Sil/Comfort Set Insertion Video

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Recommended zoom factor x2. My apologies for this. I messed up the video session and took the shots with the low resolution settings of the camera. At some point the videos will be re-shot with the high res setting.

If you have a slow connection to the internet (56k or less) you may want to download the video files and view them off line. The viewer will attempt to download them EACH time you click the link unless they are viewed from your hard drive. Right click on the link if you wish to save to disk.

Video 1 (487k) the better of the two, front love handle insertion

Video 2 (527k) side view of rear love handle insertion

Viewing Requirements:
You will need a viewer capable of accepting mpeg files.

You can download one for free from: www.real.com
The www.real.com download site attempts to point you at viewers to purchase. If you look carefully on each page you will find a link to a RealPlayer BASIC viewer which is free.

Look for the headings Free Downloads, Free RealPlayer, RealPlayer BASIC.

Apple - Mac OS
You can download one for free Mac from: www.apple.com/quicktime/download/
The www.apple.com/quicktime/download/ site has just a simple form to download a free player. I have not used this myself so let me know if there is a problem. Editor@insulin-pumpers.org