Insulin Pumpers Chat Help
Welcome to Insulin Pumpers browser chat. Follow these instructions on the operation of our chat rooms.

Note: You either have an old browser or JavaScript is disabled in you browser.

select a chat room
On the Chat entry page select the chat room you wish to enter by clicking the pull down list arrow, then clicking on the name of the chat room you wish to enter, and then clicking the GO! button. This takes you to the selected chat room page. The number to the left of the chat room name is the number of people currently logged in to a particular room. You may examine the list of chat rooms to the right by clicking on the pull down list arrow.

The browser window is divided into an upper and lower frame. The upper frame contains a text box, the controls for the number of messages to display and the display refresh time.

Refresh secs.
Display msgs.
Click the pull down list arrows to select the number of messages to display on the bottom half of your browser screen or to change the number of seconds between message refresh cycles. These selections are automatically sent each time you click the You may also set the refesh cycle to none and update the messages on the screen manually by clicking the
The lower portion of the screen shows the number chat of participants logged into the chat room within the last 5 minutes. The pull down list is headed with the name of the chat room followed by the chat participants showing the number of seconds since their last screen update. The current time at Insulin Pumpers and Greenwich Mean Time are displayed to the right showing your last screen refresh. The remainder of the screen shows messages in cronological order.

6 in     Refreshed at: 14:25:36 PST / 22:25 GMT
Friday Mar 12 17:24:45 EST 1999 (22:24 GMT) Donna Pumper <>
I thought you could escape from anything Harry.

Fri Mar 12 16:23:22 CST 1999 (22:23 GMT) Harry Houdini<>
My meter displays a chart of the last 30 days of bg's. You can't escape the real numbers.

Fri Mar 12 14:21:11 PST 1999 (22:21 GMT) Goeff Jumpup<>
What kind of meter are you using? Does it show blood or plasma readings?

NEW returns you to the CHAT selection page where you may pick another chat room.

EXIT exits the chat and returns you the Insulin Pumpers' home page.

HELP displays this page.

You may examine all the drop down lists on this help page by clicking on them with your mouse.
You may also resize the two windows in your browser by moving the bar between the windows with your mouse pointer, just select it with the mouse button and drag it up or down.

A few simple rules.

Transcripts of each day's chats are available in the MEMBERS ONLY area of the web site. The IP address of the site originating each message is saved with the transcript in the event it becomes necessary to track down an abuser of these rules.