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Planned Giving

Meet your financial goals and help support Insulin Pumpers by arranging to make a long-term donation.

Ways to Give
Gifts of Cash
Gifts of Securities
Gifts of Life Insurance
IRA's and Retirement Plans
Charitable Bequests
Charitable Gift Annuity
Charitable Remainder Trust
Charitable Lead Trust
Pooled Income Fund
Wealth Replacement Trust

Pooled Income Fund

Your gift to the Pooled Income Fund combines gifts from many donors to create a common investment portfolio and operates much like a mutual fund. Your gift is invested and 100% of the net income is distributed in proportionate shares to you, or to those whom you designate. When the you pass on, the amount may then be used to address the needs of Insulin Pumpers.

Upon the transfer of highly appreciated, low-yield assets to the pooled fund, you enjoy three major benefits:

1) bypass of capital gains tax;
2) increased income; and
3) charitable tax deduction.
All of the assets transferred to the fund are mingled together and invested, operating like a mutual fund. This permits the fund to acquire a diversified portfolio of investments and allows all participants to receive their fair share of the investment earnings. After the investment earnings have been distributed for the life of the donor(s), the principal is then transferred to charity. This transfer includes an additional saving on both probate cost and estate taxes.

A gift to the Pooled Income Fund is as easy to complete as opening up a checking account. There is very little legal work involved, especially compared to an individual charitable trust. Also, there is no separate tax return to prepare.

A contribution to the Pooled Income Fund can provide income for life to you and/or others you name. You can realize income tax savings currently and potential estate tax savings later. The Pooled Income Fund benefits from professional management and investment diversification. Contributions to the Pooled Income Fund may enable many participants to increase income over their present investments.