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Charitable Lead Trust

This type of trust may be established by an estate owner either during their lifetime or at death. The income from the trust goes to a charitable organization, like Insulin Pumpers, for a stated number of years after which the assets of the trust are then destributed to the beneficiaries. The tax benefits of the trust are long term and the donor receives no immediate income tax deduction and in fact may have to pay a gift tax if the trust assets exceed certain maximums when the charitable lead trust is established. When the gift is made the IRS requires a calculation to be made to determine the present value of the amount going to the beneficiary at the termination of the trust. If the donor is subject to any gift tax, this is the only tax that ever will be paid and is due on transfer of the assets to the trust. If you expect the assets to appreciate over time, this can be a very effective to transfer wealth to your heirs while minimizing taxation since when the trust is distributed at the end of its term, the assets go to the beneficiary with no gift or estate taxes due.