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Planned Giving

Meet your financial goals and help support Insulin Pumpers by arranging to make a long-term donation.

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Gifts of Life Insurance

You can donate a life insurance policy to Insulin Pumpers or simply name us as the beneficiary of an individual or group term life insurance policy. If you name Insulin Pumpers as the beneficiary, you would continue to own the policy and retain the right to change the beneficiary designation. You would be entitled to an estate tax deduction for life insurance proceeds distributed to Insulin Pumpers, removing these assets from your taxable estate. No current income tax deduction would be allowable, however, since you are retaining ownership of the policy.

However, you can get both income tax and estate tax savings by irrevocably donating a life insurance policy to Insulin Pumpers. For a cash value policy, you would get a tax deduction equal to the lesser of the cost basis or the fair market value. For a term policy, you would be entitled to a deduction for the unused portion of the premiums paid. If your policy is not fully paid, you may make tax deductible contributions to Insulin Pumpers to cover future premium payments.

If you wish to provide for a surviving loved one, you can name Insulin Pumpers the contingent beneficiary in case your named beneficiary does not survive you. Or, you might wish to use the life insurance proceeds to fund a charitable remainder trust that would make payments to your beneficiary for life, after which the principal would come to Insulin Pumpers. This arrangement would enable you to provide both for your beneficiary and Insulin Pumpers at substantial estate tax savings.