Jessica 13 and Joe 11 get PUMPS together

Two at a Time - By Doreen Wolfersheim

Jessica and Joe Wolfersheim Jessica was a happy little two year old, getting into everything and trying to help care for her 9 month old brother. Within two days time she became very moody and began wetting herself. Thinking it was a urinary tract infection ,I took her to the pediatrician. When they obtained her urine specimen it looked thick like syrup. We were sent over to the hospital ,where they did a blood sugar. IT WAS 962!!!! Quickly the residents gave her 5 units of regular insulin,which dropped her blood sugar to 26. Everyone was amazed at this little girl who was still running around playing. Thus began our daily struggle with diabetes.

Within three months of diagnosis Jessica began having hypoglycemic, grandmal seizures. My daughter's endocrinologist gave us a glucagon emergency kit and showed me how to use it. On her second seizure I gave her the glucagon and she went into shock. It turns out, after many trips to the allergist that Jessica is allergic to glucagon (possibly just the diluent).I had to locate sterile bottles to dilute regular insulin because she was so little and brittle. Over the years it has been a struggle to try to regulate her bg's with regular insulin injections. She could easily go from 45 to 500 in a couple of hours with no symptoms.

In the years of trying to control her bgs and educate family and teaching staff, her brother Joey was also diagnosed with diabetes. He was six and used to her routines, so it wasn't quite the same struggle with him. He's been a totally different experience from the start. The day I tested his bg (he was really mean this day) it came up as 457. I took him to my daughter's endocrinologist's office in the hopes of avoiding another useless hospital stay. They checked his bg and wanted to start him on insulin. He begged the Dr. to let him do his own "shot". He has always been a trooper about this, he loves bloodwork , iv's and shots. Until June of 1997 he was fairly easy to control. Then he had a hypoglycemic seizure that lasted for 37 minutes. Luckily he is not allergic to glucagon.

Until January 18, 1999, this had been our daily stuggle. Both children started on Disetronic insulin pumps on January 18th, 1999. These new additions to our family were greatly welcomed. They are not without problems, Jessica is so thin she was having problems finding insertion sites and Joey's sets seem to fall out at will. But as of today, 2/24/99, Jessica's bgs have been between 90 and 145 for 9 days. This has never happened before. She is a much happier teen who can finally be like everyone else. She can go hang at her friend's house without watching the clock to time her meals.

Joe and I are still struggling with keeping his sets in, but I wonder if his body is trying to tell us something. On the two occasions where it stayed in, by the second day his bgs were high. Maybe he can't tolerate a set that long. We are still working out his problems, but the three of us are much happier and freer with the pumps.
PUMPING WORKS--------TRY IT !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Doreen Wolfersheim, mother of Jessica and Joe.

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