Pumping with 2 year old Ryan
by Jeffrey Morrison, Ryan's dad

Ryan was diagnosed when he was 14 months old. We knew that something was wrong. He went from being a happy baby, to being miserable all the time. He just wasn't himself. When he began peeing through his outfits we took him to his pediatrician, who tested Ryan on the spot. We were immediately sent to the hospital and spent a very agonizing week learning about how our sons life and our lives were going to change. Not to mention that my wife and I as well as other family members who had come to visit all got sick from something floating around the hospital.

Ryan's first regime consisted of a shot of lantus in the morning and shots of humalog after each meal. We were constantly monitoring his food intake and wondered if he would ever get to be a normal kid. While at the hospital Ryan's endo discussed with us the option of putting Ryan on the pump. We were taken by the idea, but not convinced. We started doing research on the pump and kept coming back to the worry about the logistics of the whole thing. How will an active little boy take to the pump? What will it be like for him? Will he wear it? Will he be able to sleep at night with this thing hooked up to him? It seemed so bulky to put on his tiny body!

Ryan was the youngest child under the care of the endo group and they had limited experience with children his age and the pump. The endo suggested we visit the Children's Diabetes Center at Yale. Yale had the expertise and experience we were looking for to help us make our decision. Ryan has been on the pump since July. His A1C decreased from 9 to 6.5. His numbers have finally come under control and he is back to being a happy, energetic and playful toddler. The pump has been a lifesaver. Ryan adapted tremendously well to his pump. His transition has been smooth. The expert nurses at Yale set his initial rates so well that we have only had to make slight adjustments. He sleeps straight through most nights. We've only had a few restless nights usually after days when he was extremely active. What a blessing that has been. We are just so happy to have our son back!

The choice to put a toddler on a pump is one only a parent can make. I hope that our story helps you in making your decision.

Jeff Morrison

If you have a child with diabetes and would like to talk to other parents about the Insulin Pump, please contact or visit the Insulin-Pumpers website.