Pump puts a smile on Matthew's face

July 28, 2005, Sarah Ashley

Matthew's picture Matthew was born on September 7, 1996. A healthy and strong boucing baby boy. He was full of energy and always on the go. Matthew always wore a huge smile on face until March 15, 1999. That was the day we found out that Matthew was a type 1 diabetic.

For several days Matthew was very thirsty and wetting through his diapers. He just couldn't get enough to drink and the smile he always wore soon become a frown. Matthew woke up the morning of March 15th with a fever of 104. This led to my taking him to see his pediatrician. After answering a few questions we decided to test for diabetes. Because my little guy wasn't yet potty trained they sort of bagged him and waited for him to tinkle.

I'll never forget how I felt when I learned that Matthews blood sugar was 683. We rushed him to the CT Children's Medical Center where he was officially diagnosed and admitted to the hospital for a week. It took several days to get his blood sugar down in to a safe range. After a few days of intense training we were sent home. Matthew began with two injections a day of regular and nph. After about a year we switched over to lantus and humalog.

Once Matthew reached 6 shots a day I decided that it was time to pump, the best decision I have ever made. Matthew began pumping in April 2003 with Minimed's Paradigm and what a difference it made. I no longer had to tell my little boy that he couldn't eat this or that or that it wasn't time yet for a snack or come on honey please eat one more bite or your blood sugar will go low. Last year we switched over to Deltecs Cozmo pump and we love it just as much as the Paradigm.

Matthew has excellent control of his diabetes and he finally has that great smile back on his face. Attached is a great picture of my little guy with his beautiful smile at his school's fashion show of Famous Americans. Matthew was Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.

If you have a child with diabetes and would like to talk to other parents about the Insulin Pump, please contact or visit the Insulin-Pumpers website.