It's as if the whole family is on the pump

- by Elizabeth Santos

At the age of 9 my daughter Crystal fell very ill and was hospitalized in the intensive care unit for 5 days after being diagnosed with type 1 diabetes. You can imagine the shock my family had. After taking her home we could not control her glucose levels no matter what we did or tried. I noticed that my little angel was developing a very nasty attitude and was always in a bad mood. She wasn't the daughter I knew. Having to wake her up every day at 7 a.m. for her insulin shot and making her eat even when she wasn't hungry was taking a big toll on me. I went into deep denial and went off her schedule. I cried everyday and was becoming irritable with my family and friends. I snapped back to reality after realizing that I could lose my daughter if I didn't help her get back into some kind of control. Then miraculously I heard about the insulin pump and researched it. I encouraged my daughter to get one. She is now on the pump for a year and we are both in love with the pump. The freedom and good control she now has is a miracle. She is now once again the little girl I knew, and I am the mother and wife that I was. It is as if the whole family is on the pump.

If you have a child with diabetes and would like to talk to other parents about the Insulin Pump, please contact or visit the Insulin-Pumpers website.