3 year old Brynn loves his pump

by Brynn's mom, Teresa Lansford

Brynn Lansford

Brynn was dx'sd May 99. We tried shots for 10 months. This time was so stressful for us and our toddler. The unnatural eating patterns, 4 shots a day and 10+ sticks a day were wearing us out. We asked our endo about the pump and she said it was way too early, but when she saw that we were already in intensive mgt, she gave in. We have been very pleased with the Mini Med 508. At first it was lots of work and didn't seem like a net gain, but Brynn's been on the pump for 4 months now and we've settled into a very smooth routine. Brynn can eat birthday cake and not go high, or he can sleep late or he can wait to eat a late dinner with the rest of the family. He's also gotten used to the site changes and tells us that they really don't hurt. I would never consider going back to shots, it seems so old fashioned. I would encourage parents to not be frightened by the site changes, I had one and didn't feel a thing. Kids get used to the process just like they got used to shots. Give the pump some time if your child is young, it's alot of effort at first but the quality of life for our 3 yr old is as close to normal as we can give him.

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