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Meters and strips WAS: [IPk] Late night disaster

(I've tried about a million times to send this on reply and it won't 
happen, so am trying as a separate email ...)


My hubby uses an Accu-chek Active (and he connects his insulin pen to the 
side of it). Fits comfortably in his shirt pocket. He loves it because it 
also tests in 5 seconds. Are they available in the UK?



At 05:53 AM 30/09/2003, you wrote:


When I went onto the One Touch Ultra (10 weeks ago) my GP told me the same
thing - #25.00 for a box of #25.00.

Incidentally, on the subject of meters, has anyone ever wondered why, in
this age of reasonably small insulin pumps and PDAs, no BG meter
manufacturer has yet come out with a meter and BG strips which we gentlemen
can easily carry in a jacket pocket? With all due respect, ladies, carrying
a meter isn't the easiest thing to do when you don't have a hand/ shoulder
bag (no rude comments, please :-) !).

I did think about getting an Accu-Chek Compact (the one with the built-in
drum of strips) but have read that the strips don't always come out one at a
time. Has anyone got any suggestions (other than "buy a handbag" - please,
please, don't go there!).

Many thanks,


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