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Re: [IPk] forgetfulness for John

>Hi John we are all getting older and lose a few grey cells along the way so
>I am told. I am only admitting this to MAKE YOU feel better but I have
>actulally forgotten my pump!! I was out for lunch one day with a friend, as
>we sat down to order I felt a bit strange checked bg and went to bolus
>accordingly only to find that following my shower I had forgotten to attach
>my pump. I did then start to feel really ketotic and unable to drive as my
>legs seized up. Fortunately I was able to contact my husband who managed to
>get it to me within a fairly short time. this was pre stroke by the way,

Thanks for your sympathy, Carmel :-)

Best I ever managed was for the telephone to ring while I was getting
dressed in the morning, and ended up with my tubing hanging lose inside my
trouser leg. Yes my BGs were on the high side during the day, but didn't
spot the reason till 4pm!!!

I had a detailed brain test 12 months ago, after my "rehabilitation". It
was only available in German, so there were some language issues... one
test, I had to count the number of squares among seemingly random dots on a
grid. Being a mathematician by training, I was looking for everything:
large squares, small squares, diamonds, rotated squares, a fairly tricky
test I found. Of course, I got *everything* wrong - I was meant to be
counting just small plain squares!!!

And, Tori, I had my IQ measured as well. I accept that your IQ score does
not tell you how well you would survive in the jungle, or how witty your
conversation is in the pub. It merely measures your IQ. But it is a
measurable figure, and after a brain operation such statistics can help
doctors a lot.

The whole test procedure is due to be repeated in the next month or so.


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