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RE: [IPk] Remembering to refill/pump reset (2)

>You naughty people!! I always thought that from what have I read, that
>keeping a note of the basal rates is very important.

12 months ago, when I was discharged from the brain operation clinic in
Freiburg, I went to a rehabilitation clinic about 20 miles away for 3
weeks. I'd come off the pump during my hospital stay, and gone back onto
injections - I'd handed over my life and diabetes to the hospital so I had
to do what they felt happiest with. At the rehabilitation clinic, there was
a big diabetes centre at a hospital next door. I was sent there to restart
my pump therapy. I had to go daily, as they fiddled with my basal rates. I
ashamed to say I didn't quite follow their logic, but they seemed to know
what they were doing. The end result was perfect overnight BGs. After I
came out of hospital I did reduce my overnight insulin slightly, but
essentially it stayed the same.

So last night I dug out my hospital notes from a year ago, and reentered
them on my pump

FWIW, here's my current basal profile:

00:00 0.8
02:00 1.0
04:00 1.2
07:00 0.9
12:00 0.7
13:00 0.6
14:00 0.4
16:00 0.5
17:00 0.7
18:00 0.9
19:00 1.1
21:00 0.8

Well, I guess my basal rates are now archived in the ip-uk mail archives
:-) And try getting that profile with Lantus...


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