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RE: [IPk] Remembering to refill/pump reset (2)


I 'fess up, I have a vague idea what my basals are (but I tend to change 
them every two weeks after reviewing BG graphs). I *think* (and am not 
cheating by checking!) mine currently are:

Midnight: 0.4
4am: 0.5
5am: 0.6
8am: 0.8
10am: 1.0
11;30am: 1.2
2pm: 0.9
4pm: 0.7
10pm: 0.5

OK, now gonna check and note where I misremembered. All correct until ... 
7am: 0.8 (not 8am), 8am: 1.0 (not 0.8), 9am: 1.2 (not 11:30am), 2pm: 0.9 
(that one's right), 4pm: 0.8 (not 0.7), 7pm: 0.7 (oops, where did that one 
go at all?), 9pm: 0.6, 10pm: 0.5 (those two're right).

I really should be keeping a written record, I think. And I don't envy you 
having to re-work it all out, John :/

Tori (apologies if msges are coming through more than once, major email 
probs at my end)

At 07:22 PM 30/09/2003, you wrote:
>  I wonder how many pumpers on here do have
>there basal rates noted
>down.  Come on own up!!!
>  I suppose it might depend on how often you change them. You can do temporary
>changes cant you.?

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