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Re: [IPk] Remembering to refill/pump reset (2)

Hi John
I wonder if your short term memory is not totally back yet?
Then again I do that sort of thing all the time.
Perhaps it would be worth sitting down some time and making notes of things 
like your basal rates and leaving yourself reminders?
When I was on injections I would always put my syringe etc on my pillow when I 
got up in the morning, so I could never forget to take my insulin before bed. 
Even though it was such a gut reaction to take it, occasionally I would 
forget and then wake up an hour later and remember I hadn't taken it. Or 
forget whether I had taken it or not! Now if I note my pump is getting empty, 
I usually put the insulin out ready on the bed or something, so I don't 
forget that evening.
I don't have my basal rates written down either though.....

On Tuesday 30 Sep 2003 9:06 am, you wrote:
> Headed upstairs to bed last night, noting that my pump was almost empty and
> should be refilled immediately. Then I woke up suddenly at 6am remembering
> I hadn't refilled it! Got up, headed down to my study where all my diabetes
> kit is kept, and refilled it. I reckon there was 1 unit left. Perhaps I
> have gone gaga...
> Latest update: my wife got back this evening, with our 2 boys, and we all
> went out to the pub/restaurant round the corner for a quick meal. And my
> pump went splat. Reset itself totally. Lost all my carefully set basal
> rates. Can't for the life of me remember what they do during the night...
> it's something funny, and I'm ashamed to say I didn't have it written
> down...
> John
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