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Re: [IPk] Late night disaster (2)

>I was also thinking of buying extra meters because our school rang the
>other day and said the machine was flashing the date and time but wouldn't
>do a reading.  We left it off for a while and then tried again and it was
>fine.  Do you buy your meters or do you get them from the clinic? I could
>do with 2 more that's all and I don't know whether to ask the DSN or do
>you think that's a bit cheeky?

Barbara - On my German health insurance I get my meter free on
prescription. But at the end of the day I have to pay for my health
insurance, so ultimately I pay for everything I suppose. I also get all
pump supplies free on prescription and indeed I'm now entitled to a new
pump as well, since my old pump is 5 years old*. But the whole German
health system is in financial crisis anyway. I said this last week didn't
I? - they look with envy at the British system which appears do deliver
equal health outcomes at a fraction of the price. We look with envy at the
Germans with their wealth and high quality of life, and they look with envy
at the British with their freedom and good-value public services. Strange
how the grass is always greener.

Don't forget - the big drug companies are multi-billion dollar
international organisations. They make big money selling the test strips.
The meters cost very little - but are needed to use the test strips. (I saw
in a catalog that the visual test strips are much more expensive that the
meter strips.) The UK market is rigged so that normally you buy your meter
and then get your test strips for free. What I'm saying in a roundabout way
is that you should never feel guilty about seeking an extra meter. The reps
give them free to clinics to seed the market for their strips.


*I had a 508 for 4 months, while my 507 was being repaired. I can honestly
say I didn't like the 508 - I never used any of its clever new features -
and I was very happy to go back to my trusty old 507.

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