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RE: [IPk] Late night disaster

>You do seem to be having a stressful time in the last week or so. Maybe
>it's all that's going on in your life, new baby, young child, diabetes,
>working, quite a stressful job at times I would imagine and travelling not
>to mention the chemotherapy course. It would be surprising if all went

Thanks for the sympathy, Jackie. I've been seeing a counsellor for the last
6 months to help me put my life back together. She also suggests I may be
taking things too fast: after a close scrape with death 12 months ago
followed by a major brain operation, some people never reclaim their
previous lives. I do know I've still got a small tumour regrowth that is
proving resistant to chemotherapy. But to the outside world I seem fit and
healthy. Bit like diabetes really. The hidden illness. Is it my diabetes
that is making me think I'm some sort of superman? Don't know. But I've
been advised it was my experiences with diabetes that may have helped me
accept the possibility of imminent death when my tumour was first diagnosed.

Incidently, I remember now that a few years ago it was my Bristol diabetes
consultant, Edwin Gale, who suggested to me that having survived 24 years
of diabetes with no sign of complications, statistically I was unlikely to
ever get them. Foolish advice? Comforting advice? Don't know. It didn't
encourage me to slacken up on the search for good steady BGs - because I
feel infinitely better with a normal BG.

>Also, I do think you should have woken someone up the other day when you
>were locked out of your flat. I wouldn't mind being woken up for a genuine
>reason!!! I would have hated to think that someone had stayed outside for
>that length of time, in the cold because were worried about waking me up.

Thanks for the advice. Let us hope I never lock myself out again in the
middle of the night when my wife is away. But if I do I'll bear your advice
in mind :-)

>Although I used to go mad at my older daughter when she frequently forgot
>her keys!!

You would go to bed when your daughter was still out? I am shocked! ;-)


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