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RE: [IPk] school!

Hi Kayleigh

 Well done for getting some much needed publicity about the situation. Its not
absolutely clear to me
 from your email, whether or not you still hope that Libby will be able to go
back to the school
 eventually I think you are saying if the situation is right she will be able to
go back? I am sure that
 if you do decide to teach Libby at home it will be a rewarding expirence. I
know that there is lots of
 help and support for those who home educate. No doubt J will have
been in touch with you. I
 hope that things work out how you and your daughter want. It all sounds like
hard work but good fun.

Jackie, England
Mum of Sasha aged 9 dx 1999, twin sister Rebecca, both coeliac 2001
Mum also to Danni and Nicola, wife to Terry

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> Hi Pat Thanks for the ideas - Yes she would love the young Archaeologists
> Club - she is desparate to be Laura Croft!!  I am looking into her being
> able to access funding for other educational areas since shes not going
> to be in school.   I am about to send an email to let everyone know the
> story so far.  Speak to you againKayleighPS My fav. quote of Mr P's is OH
> Bugger, oh bugger, oh bugger!  HiWell the story so far....Last week we
> were still waiting for the people to call us, and by Thursday they hadn't
> so the BBC radio Derby people came and did a piece on our story and on
> Friday morning East Midlands Today came and did a piece.  The feedback we
> have had has been wonderful.  The LEA did finally make a statement, which
> I believe they retracted at diner and reissued another one just before
> the article went out at 1.30pm.  In a letter sent to the MP they stated
> that they are in close contact with the family.  Well I don't know which
> family but its not us!!  The headmaster also made a statement saying that
> Libby was quite welcome to make calls from school.  UUUMMM  that's not
> what he said three weeks ago.  Anyway the pump got a good mention and I
> hope it highlights problems that go unmentioned. We are going to keep up
> with highlighting the probs, but Libby is our main concern and until we
> get an action plan firmly in pl! ace we have to concentrate on her
> schooling.  I will be in touch with home groups so any emails of personal
> stories, ideas or anything are gratefully received.Cheers to everyoneKayleigh
> GraceMum to Libby pumper of 2 months
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