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Re: [IPk] minimed

Dear Sarah,

Pat's comments about basal programmes is quite correct. The new Disetronic
D-TRON plus has provision for 2 different basal profiles.Your basal rates
can, indeed, be increased/decreased for up to 24 hours. It also comes with a
detachable clip, an elastic 'belt' with a velcro fastening, a pouch for
showering/baths and a general purpose pouch.

One of the reasons I chose Disetronic was because of how few
customer-related issues there was on this site compared with Minimed. I
haven't been disappointed.


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> Dear Sarah,
> The paradigm _was_ supposed to be waterproof, but turns out it isn't.
> Just my experience, but Medtronic are not a company that I'd buy an
> essential bit of healthcare kit from. There has been ONE grumble here
> about poor service from another company - and many, many more about
> Medtronic.  I don't even bother to grumble here about botched supplies
> orders!
> One other thing you might want to compare and contrast: the basal
> programmes differ between minimed (three pre-programmes) and the H-tron
> (latest has, I think, a number of pre-programmes, all of which can be
> increased or decreased by a percentage.  If you know how your bg varies
> with exercise, sickness, etc, and know whether it's basically the same
> pattern, but more or less, or whether its different patterns, choose
> your pump accordingly.
> Also, there seems to be some difference in the ease of wearing - the
> minimed comes with an disconectable clip which seems to make it easier
> to wear on a waistband.
> Best wishes,
> Pat
> (dm 30 +, 508 2+ - but this is the wrong pump for me!)
> In message <email @ redacted>, Sarah
> <email @ redacted> writes
> >hmmmm. I'm confused. I was thinking about getting a paradigm pump as
> >are waterproof (or at least so I though!). I've just tried the UK minimed
> >site which I now can't get anywhere on. I can get info on diabetes and
> >therapy but not product info which now appears to be accessible only to
> >health care professionals. Technically I am a health care professional
> >don't have easy access to a fax machine to prove my status!), but I don't
> >quite understand the need to bar patients from product info especially as
> >most of us are paying for the products. More worryingly, the american
> >which does have product info on it now says that both the 508 and
> >have the same water resistance - they're ok for 'accidental dunking or
> >splashing' but they advise disconnecting for swimming. I thought that one
> >the main advantages of the paradigm was waterproofness. It is also
> >advertised as the 'new paradigm 512' - is this the one that is available
> >here? It also comes with a BG meter - does that happen here and are the
> >strips available on the NHS? Anyone else found this a problem (or am i
> >incompentent at using their website?!)? I'll try calling Minimed again,
> >usually whoever I need to speak to isn't there and my calls never get
> >returned...
> ><end of rant>
> >Sarah
> >DM7y 508 9m
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