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Re: [IPk] BG machines

I phoned lifescan and the ones who make accuchek meters and they BOTH sent 
me a meter. Just phone to say you are enquiring about a meter and they will 
send you one, The accuchek one was sent because I was trying to buy their 
softclix finger pricker which they don't sell separately. It makes you 
think, neakiy 25 yrs ago we bought my first meter which was>#100 and the 
strips weren't on prescription and now they give the machines away!. I have 
been tol the electronics are very simple so they don't cost much to make now 
although the manufacturers say they make a loss by giving them away. The 
hospital get the machines free from the reps as I used to get new ones  the 
DSNs for the pregnant mums

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>Date: Sun, 28 Sep 2003 17:24:58 EDT
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>Hello John
>That was some horror story!  Are you home yet?  I bet you will be glad to 
>home and appreciate your home comforts.  How terrible for you.  I was also
>thinking of buying extra meters because our school rang the other day and 
>the machine was flashing the date and time but wouldn't do a reading.  We 
>it off for a while and then tried again and it was fine.  Do you buy your
>  meters or do you get them from the clinic? I could do with 2 more that's 
>and I
>don't know whether to ask the DSN or do you think that's a bit cheeky?
>D myself for 30 years
>Mum to Danielle aged 9, dx Aug 2001
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