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Re: [IPk] Re: ip-uk-digest V2 #508 General Health Checks

Hi John

I know there is one mob in the US who will send you a kit something like 
you've described and send the results to your doctor. I am not sure if it 
available outside of the US, but may be worth contacting. Their website is 
at http://www.diabetestechnologies.com/ I do realise you no longer seem to 
need this, but thought I would mention it anyway :)

That same company make an A1c test for use at home, which is marketed under 
SpectRx's name and is called (originally) "SimpleChoice. A1c". I know this 
is available through a number of online pahramacies who will ship 
internationally, and costs about $US20 (and is considered more accurate 
than the other 3 A1c test kits for home use that are currently on the 
market). One of those pharmacies is http://www.diabeticexpress.com/ and a 
second is http://www.diabeticpromotions.com/ I have used SpectRx's Simple 
Choice reservoirs for Minimed 506, 507 and 508 pumps and can vouch for that 
particular product, but have no feedback or knowledge of this one.


At 06:57 PM 27/09/2003, you wrote:

>When I first moved to Germany, I was able to remain officially British
>resident for tax reasons. That meant I didn't have to pay for health
>insurance. I was able to attend the diabetes clinic in Bristol whenever I
>visited my parents who live there. But I was troubled by the lack of HbA1c
>tests. I found a US firm that would do it by post - they would send you a
>kit, and you would from a finger prick fill a little glass tube by
>capillary action and drop it in a sealed bottle, and send it in by post.
>They send you back the result. You pay privately - it was about 20 dollars.
>When I tried to contact them, the firm had disappearaed. Ah well.

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