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Meters and strips WAS: [IPk] Late night disaster

Ho Barbara

 We have about 7 meters altogether. Three One Touch Ultras and some older
Medisense meters that we've had
 since Sasha was DX in 1999 and still going strong. Oh yes, and also a Medisense
Softsense meter that we
 almost gave up on, but recently someone sent me some strips they weren't going
to use and we started
 using that again and to our surprise it seems to be working much better. Hardly
any strip errors now,
 whereas before we got so many strips that I felt guilty because of the waste
and had almost stopped
 using it. We also use the Softsense to check Beckie now and again if she's ill,
to see what her BG
 levels( just is case :-( We use most of the older meters from time to time. We
have one upstairs on
 the landing, one at school, one in a silver bag that we grab if we have to go
out quickly. Its got
 glucose tablets, coke and hypostop and biscuits in as well. Every so often one
of the meters gets
 mislaid so we have other meters lying around to use if needed. We rotate the
older ones and are using
 them less and less and probably wont re order and more strips for them. We
bought two of the One Touch
Ultra and two of the Medisense ones and the Softsense ourselves.

I have to had so many meters because I am so disorganised and forgetful!

 Why don't you ask your DSN for a spare and buy the other one. Our hospital
actually buys in the meters
 and does not get them free from the manufactures. At least that's what our DSN
was saying one day. The
 other thought is to ring up the customer helpline of your chosen meter company
and say you really need
 another meter because your daughter needs a spare for school and they probably
will send you one. After
all they make most of their profit from selling the strips.

Does anyone know how much it actually costs to make these strips??


> -
> te .  Do you buy your
>  meters or do you get them from the clinic? I could do with 2 more that's all
> and I
> don't know whether to ask the DSN or do you think that's a bit cheeky?
> Barbara
> D myself for 30 years
> Mum to Danielle aged 9, dx Aug 2001
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