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RE: [IPk] minimed

Hi all,

Sam was one of the unfortunate few to have a Paradigm failure, which appears
to have been caused by water immersion.  

All Paradigm users worldwide (I believe) have had a letter saying that it is
now only classified as water resistant as a precaution.  This definitely
includes the UK.

Here's the "official" message:


Best wishes.

Father of Sam, aged 9, dx 7+ years
Pumping 2+ years

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Sarah - I heard somewhere that MiniMed have now *withdrawn* their
waterproof claim for the Paradigm. Yes, they used to say it was waterproof,
but after one or two accidents they have stopped saying that. Probably on
the advice of their legal department. But different countries, different
rules. Maybe they can still make the waterproof claim in the UK? Don't
know. But I don't work for MiniMed, and I am only reporting what I heard on
the grape vine/read in MiniMed's German magazine, Bolus.

The new paradigm 512 complete with meter - yes, sounds suspiciously like
the new one that advises you how much insulin to take based on your BG, and
what you've bolussed recently. Personally I'm very sceptical - if it works,
great; if it doesn't, crikey. Bit like the GlucoWatch - let's wait for a
couple of revisions before we take the plunge.


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