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RE: [IPk] Late night disaster

Hi John

 You do seem to be having a stressful time in the last week or so. Maybe it's
all that's going on in your
 life, new baby, young child, diabetes, working, quite a stressful job at times
I would imagine and
 travelling not to mention the chemotherapy course. It would be surprising if
all went smoothly. I am
 always rushing about and forgetting things. I'm probably as bad as you at
times. I walked home from a
 friends the other day and left my car outside her house! She didn't live far
away and I normally walk
there! but still!!

 Also, I do think you should have woken someone up the other day when you were
locked out of your flat. I
 wouldn't mind being woken up for a genuine reason!!! I would have hated to
think that someone had stayed
 outside for that length of time, in the cold because were worried about waking
me up. Although I used to
go mad at my older daughter when she frequently forgot her keys!!

All the best

mum of Sasha

> Oh, life's too complex...
> Went back to Lucerne today for an afternoon performance. By train this
> time. Except my passport was still missing (although I did have a photocopy
> of the key page on the inside back cover, which I found in a filing
> cabinet) and I couldn't find my railcard either (also appeared to be
> missing). So had to pay full price for the rail ticket, which eats into my
> profits. Passport wasn't checked at the border (the Swiss seem to have a
> policy of checking only people who are not white. Horribly racist, but I
> guess they know what they're doing.) Got safely to the theatre. Keys,
> glucose meter, finger pricker, small change. All there. Phew. Passport &
> railcard - missing. Struth. Made enquiries with the authorities at the
> theatre. No - nothing had been found. Made return journey by train with the
> return half of a ticket I'd not used a few weeks ago (after a friend from
> Freiburg turned up for the show by car and gave me a lift back afterwards).
> Except the ticket had been bought with a railcard and I had lost mine...
> Anyhow, Swiss guards didn't ask for the railcard, passport wasn't checked
> at the border, and the German guard remarkably accepted my plea that I had
> just lost the card in Switzerland and would report it when I got home. Got
> home and my wife rang in to get an update on what I'd found/not found (she
> gets back tomorrow night). She suggested I just check the flat once more
> for passport/railcard. Put the phone down. There they were under a pile of
> papers on the dining room table. Oh the shame of it! But the relief that I
> had recovered all my important bits and pieces.
> I'm left pondering if this extraordinary forgetfulness is related in any
> way to the chemotherapy course which I completed a week ago. Maybe I shall
> never know. But at least I now have two identical blood glucose meters :-)
> John
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