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[IPk] Re: ip-uk-digest V2 #509

Thanks Carmel and John etc. re general health checks.  I'm afraid being
cynical that 'diabetes' is frightening the NHS as the world is realising
that ignoring high blood sugars causes immense damage.  The dramatic rise is
T2 where people have been living with high blood sugars as a 'normal' part
of diabetes is hitting home with all the complications of heart disease etc.
causing so much expense.  Like you Carmel, when I was younger I was seen
regularly and didn't really see the point then.  I was well monitored during
3 pregnancies and then found an annual check ok as I was busy working and
bringing up a family.  I find it strange that now I have had a change to a
pump my need for follow up is neglected. Like you Carmel I would be T2 if
diagnosed now and I think that as my diabetes control probably looks a lot
better than many in my age group my need may be regarded as less.  However,
37 years of diabetes means one should still be checked so one does not
become an unfortunate 'diabetic statistic' with acceptance that diabetes and
complications go hand in hand. If   my control was terrible maybe I would be
seen sooner, I really don't know.

I have also been told that if one has had DM >30 yrs chance of retinopathy
etc unlikely if not developed in 1st 20 yrs.  I'm told my kidney problem is
not related, no proteinurea etc.

Good luck
Fiona IDDM 37yrs pump almost 3 months.
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