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[IPk] Re: Wild BGs

Hello all
On 26/09/03, Pat Reynolds speculated:

Sorry for the holdup getting back to people here, there's been some other stuff
(next door neighbour got his van nicked whilst he was out with me, for one)
gone on that's held me up. Anyway, thanks to those that have replied on and off
list, and I'll try and elaborate a bit.

 One common theme in replies is "What are my early morning" Bgs. The main
of this being that I may be rebounding from a sleeptime hypo. I should have
said, I have very good hypo awareness, to the point where I will waken if I
have a hypo durin the night. Nevertheless, I've tested, and I have high BGs
while sleeping, so that isn't it.

Even odder, or not, after three consecutive evenings of hypo occuring about 2=
hours after my evening meal, I reduced my Lantus by 2 units (back to the
original) and am back to high (20+) BGs in the evening. If I increase the
Novorapid at tea time, I Hypo, if I keep it the same, I'm hyper,l If I increase
my basal, I'm hypo-You get the drift. Until I get the pump, this is going to
drive me nuts, and keep me feeling pretty unwell.

 As an "aside", it doesn't seem to matter what I eat - the result is the same


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