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Re: [IPk] Re: ip-uk-digest V2 #508 General Health Checks

Fiona, I read your comments with interest. Having had Type 1 for 45 yrs I 
sometimes feel the NHS treats me as though I have used up my rations! I was 
always seen by the consultant x4 annually when younger and well and had 
everything checked regularly. I did not value this, in fact I thought it a 
bind but now I really do need the system I wonder what the point of the NSF 
was/is, if nothing has improved then maybe more resources should have been 
poured into Diabetes Care anyway. The system now is far more committed to 
cost cutting than Healthcare. I have been told that his waiting list is now 
5 months so I cannot be seen any more frequently than that, not that I mind 
but it means I lose out on Hba1cs and I have to wait longer for changes in 
medication. I can get blood tests etc through my GP but they are not 
specialists and are not au fait with the latest treatments etc. which is why 
I asked about foot checks for progression of neuropathy etc.I have also been 
told that if one has had DM for>30 yrs and Kidney problems have not already 
developed then they will not so it is not cost effective to check for it. 
Has anyone else been told similar?
  When I read the posts  I guess I should not complain as I can see there 
are a lot of people far worse off   but it is a worrying trend as I am now 
of an age where I could have been a Type 2
Good Luck Carmel
Missing my son who has just gone back to Uni today (should I cry or wallow 
in the peace quiet and freedom!)

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