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Re: [IPk] Late night disaster

>One thing you might consider is to have some visually
>readable strips in the house, just in case of meter emergencies.

Yes - I have got some somewhere. Let me have a look - ah, yes - expiry
date: 1999!!! They tend to go a bit yellow, at which point I get suspicious
of their accuracy :-) And my urine ketone testing strips: expiry 2000.
Hmmm. Anyone have a foolproof plan for keeping track of those bits and
pieces that we don't use regularly, but which have expiry dates? Long
acting insulin is another one. Let me see - ah, yes: that expired in Nov
2002. I feel curiously reluctant to ask the doctor for prescriptions for
these things: stupid really. They always want to know why: but haven't you
got a meter/I thought you used a pump etc etc. Sigh.

But I believe these expiry dates are massively cautious. Takes refrigerated
Actrapid 100 years to lose 5% of its strength I read somewhere*.

>I think I would have woken someone else in the apartment up!!!

Maybe next time :-)


(*) 'Galenics of Insulin' by J Brange M.Sc et al: [Novo Research Institute,
Denmark] Springer-Verlag, 1987. Actrapid at 4 deg C: 92 years to lose 5% of
its potency.

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