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[IPk] Spare meter (was Late night disaster)

I keep a spare meter which is the same as my usual one, so "spare" strips 
never go out of date.  In fact, I alternate my two FreeStyle meters, using 
each one for a month.  This means that both are complete with batteries, 
those batteries won't leak because they only sit around for a month, and 
both meters are set up with time and date etc.  Each new month I just 
calibrate to the test strip bottle and go.  Each kit has a lancing device 
too, so that's not a problem.

Slightly tenuous link, but hope this helps someone! 

Best wishes 

IDDM 35 years, pumping 1 year (my first anniversary slipped by on Wednesday 
without celebration...) 

Diana Maynard writes: 

> Hi John
> Gosh, that sounds like a real nightmare. Glad everything was OK in the end 
> at least! One thing you might consider is to have some visually readable 
> strips in the house, just in case of meter emergencies. I found this 
> invaluable when my meter got stolen in Italy some years ago(one of those 
> old Medisense ones that looked like a nice pen - bet the guy who stole it 
> got a shock when he realised he couldn't write with it!!!).
> In the event of no finger pricker, if you're out and about and don't carry 
> spare lancets (as I don't), a syringe makes a good alternative to a finger 
> pricker (I always carry a spare syringe).
> Hope you manage to recover all your stuff....
> I think I would have woken someone else in the apartment up!!!
> Di 
> John Neale wrote: 
>> Total disaster night before last. 
>> I'd done a performance of Flying Dutchman in Lucerne (which is in the
>> middle of Switzerland) (Tenor in the chorus - nothing exciting I'm afraid
>> :-). It's 2 hours drive from our home in Germany. After the show the 3 of
>> us who live in Freiburg drove back. Things got bad as we crossed the 
>> Swiss
>> border at midnight, and I couldn't find my passport. First time it's been
>> asked for in about 20 crossings recently. My 2 friends chatted casually
>> with the (German) border guard as I rummaged around nervously in my bag.
>> Couldn't find it. Wasn't there. I had left it (I hope!) in the dressing
>> room at Lucerne. Eventually the border guard said, well, are you all
>> German? No - I said. I'm English. Pause. OK - through you go. And that 
>> was
>> it. We returned to Freiburg. Finished the journey through Freiburg with a
>> short ride on my folding bike, arrived home, and then things got really
>> bad. My keys were also missing. And my wife and 2 boys are away for a 
>> long
>> weekend. So I'm stuck on the doorstep of a large apartment block with a
>> locked main front door and no key. I've got a spare key to our own flat
>> hidden in the basement. You've got to get into the building first but
>> there's always people coming and going, so that's never been a problem on
>> the odd occasion in the past I've gone out without my keys. But it's now
>> 1am, and the whole building looks decidedly asleep. I confess I didn't 
>> have
>> the nerve to ring the doorbell (and wake up) other friends in the 
>> building
>> and ask to be let in. So I sat down to wile away a rather chilly night
>> waiting for someone else to go in or out the building. On top I was only
>> wearing a long sleeved shirt and a canvass coat. And my BG meter was also
>> missing. Unbelievable. Finally someone left the building at 5am!!! and I
>> was able to get in, get my front door key and go to bed. Next morning I
>> headed straight off to the doctor for a prescription for a new meter (and
>> also have a blood test done following my recent chemotherapy). Chemist
>> didn't have the meter in stock, but they had it by 5pm. 24hrs without BG
>> test. And of course I then realised my finger pricker is also missing, so
>> I'm lancing by hand. Very odd experience. Shows the importance of having 
>> a
>> spare meter in the house. I got one a few years ago just in case of this 
>> -
>> but had used up and not replaced the strips for it. Stupid me. Back to
>> Lucerne tomorrow where I hope my keys, passport and meter are in my
>> dressing room drawer. 
>> John
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