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Re: [IPk] Late night disaster

Hi John
Gosh, that sounds like a real nightmare. Glad everything was OK in the 
end at least! One thing you might consider is to have some visually 
readable strips in the house, just in case of meter emergencies. I found 
this invaluable when my meter got stolen in Italy some years ago(one of 
those old Medisense ones that looked like a nice pen - bet the guy who 
stole it got a shock when he realised he couldn't write with it!!!).
In the event of no finger pricker, if you're out and about and don't 
carry spare lancets (as I don't), a syringe makes a good alternative to 
a finger pricker (I always carry a spare syringe).
Hope you manage to recover all your stuff....
I think I would have woken someone else in the apartment up!!!

John Neale wrote:

> Total disaster night before last.
> I'd done a performance of Flying Dutchman in Lucerne (which is in the
> middle of Switzerland) (Tenor in the chorus - nothing exciting I'm afraid
> :-). It's 2 hours drive from our home in Germany. After the show the 3 of
> us who live in Freiburg drove back. Things got bad as we crossed the Swiss
> border at midnight, and I couldn't find my passport. First time it's been
> asked for in about 20 crossings recently. My 2 friends chatted casually
> with the (German) border guard as I rummaged around nervously in my bag.
> Couldn't find it. Wasn't there. I had left it (I hope!) in the dressing
> room at Lucerne. Eventually the border guard said, well, are you all
> German? No - I said. I'm English. Pause. OK - through you go. And that was
> it. We returned to Freiburg. Finished the journey through Freiburg with a
> short ride on my folding bike, arrived home, and then things got really
> bad. My keys were also missing. And my wife and 2 boys are away for a long
> weekend. So I'm stuck on the doorstep of a large apartment block with a
> locked main front door and no key. I've got a spare key to our own flat
> hidden in the basement. You've got to get into the building first but
> there's always people coming and going, so that's never been a problem on
> the odd occasion in the past I've gone out without my keys. But it's now
> 1am, and the whole building looks decidedly asleep. I confess I didn't have
> the nerve to ring the doorbell (and wake up) other friends in the building
> and ask to be let in. So I sat down to wile away a rather chilly night
> waiting for someone else to go in or out the building. On top I was only
> wearing a long sleeved shirt and a canvass coat. And my BG meter was also
> missing. Unbelievable. Finally someone left the building at 5am!!! and I
> was able to get in, get my front door key and go to bed. Next morning I
> headed straight off to the doctor for a prescription for a new meter (and
> also have a blood test done following my recent chemotherapy). Chemist
> didn't have the meter in stock, but they had it by 5pm. 24hrs without BG
> test. And of course I then realised my finger pricker is also missing, so
> I'm lancing by hand. Very odd experience. Shows the importance of having a
> spare meter in the house. I got one a few years ago just in case of this -
> but had used up and not replaced the strips for it. Stupid me. Back to
> Lucerne tomorrow where I hope my keys, passport and meter are in my
> dressing room drawer.
> John
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