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Re: [IPk] Re: ip-uk-digest V2 #508 General Health Checks

>I wonder how many others find that they are not being checked as National
>Service Frameworks etc. advocate?

Fiona - as you may know, I'm British - born there, got diabetes there,
lived there for 30 years, then I moved to Germany with my work, and I was
staggered to find the change in attitude here. I always see the consultant
at my German diabetes clinic - not one of his deputies. And they like to
see me 4 times a year (I think that is standard for pump users). That is
unheard of in Britain. OK - because I'm a lazy old thing, I rarely get
there more than twice a year. But I get the full works - 24hr urine sample,
tuning fork on the ankle, tickled toes, all that. And my eyes are ruthless
examined at the eye clinic once a year, not the diabetes clinic. But that's
how they happen to organise things. And my HbA1c is done twice a year.
Admittedly it is all paid for by compulsory health insurance - much like in
America, but I believe there many people fall through the net and have no
insurance. Here everyone is covered. I do know the Germans look with envy
at the British system, where similar health outcomes are achieved at a
fraction of the cost. But from my point of view, I want the treatment that
will maximise my health outcome, not the average for all people with
diabetes, or even the average for the whole population.

When I first moved to Germany, I was able to remain officially British
resident for tax reasons. That meant I didn't have to pay for health
insurance. I was able to attend the diabetes clinic in Bristol whenever I
visited my parents who live there. But I was troubled by the lack of HbA1c
tests. I found a US firm that would do it by post - they would send you a
kit, and you would from a finger prick fill a little glass tube by
capillary action and drop it in a sealed bottle, and send it in by post.
They send you back the result. You pay privately - it was about 20 dollars.
When I tried to contact them, the firm had disappearaed. Ah well.

I admit I have been very seriously ill in the last 12 months with a brain
tumour - unrelated to my diabetes as far as I know - but the diabetes has
become much easier to control.


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