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[IPk] Re: ip-uk-digest V2 #508 General Health Checks

I wonder how many others find that they are not being checked as National
Service Frameworks etc. advocate?

I've had diabetes Type 1 37 years.  Recently on my request I changed to pump
therapy.  Suits me and HBA1c is very good at 5.5%.  I have been completely
self educated from this site and pumpers book.  I was due to have an annual
review in the summer shortly after starting the pump.  I phoned to check why
I hadn't heard anything  to be told that there is a backlog of 6 - 8 months
to see consultant meaning next March - May.  This is seemingly due to
referrals from GP's who are unable to get Type 2 HBA1c's to an acceptable
level on diet and oral agents.  I got my own blood test done, filled out my
own form etc. and know things are okay.  But my BP has not been checked for
over a year and I do have a renal problem and my feet etc. have never been
looked at.  I have had retinal sceening and photographs this year and eyes
are okay.  It is tempting to just leave it and get on with life as no one
seems bothered but .......  really I know we should all be being properly
monitored.  Is it actually happening or are we falling between two stools
primary and secondary care.  I've always been folllowed up by the
consultant, usually annually unless I've had a problem.  I suppose I should
see my GP and see what he makes of it!

Best wishes

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