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[IPk] Wild BGs

Hi there,

I'm still waiting for the callback for the pump, which means I'm still using
pens. I use novorapid at mea times, with Lantus as my basal.

My last HBA1C was 10.9, and I'm kinda used to high BGs as a way of life.
However, in the past week (Last Tuesday until Monday) I was experiencing
extremely high BGs (high 20s) in the evening, and waking BGs in the mid to high
teens. Of course, I constantly increased the novorapid, tested (positive) for
ketones regularly and did the best I could, until I finally got a day with BGs
at "Normal" levels (ie - between 4 and 8).

I rang my diabetic nurse, thinking it might be a good idea to split my Lantus,
which she poo poo'd without discussion, simply suggesting upping my lantus as a

Now, however, after only 2 days of increasing the lantus by just 2 units (the
nurse suggested 4 but my own experience suggests differently), I'm starting the
day with BGs in low teens, and hypo after tea.

Can anyone who may have experienced this suggest what I might try until I get
the callback for the pump. Needless to say, I'm not feeling particularly well
with these constant swings.

All the best

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