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[IPk] Stress?

I have just come back from a wonderful holiday but unfortunately I had a 
dreadful time trying to control my blood sugars with morning bgs no lower 
than 15 mmol.  Normally they come down quickly but they stayed elevated 
around 20 mmol until late afternoon when they suddenly started to plummet. I 
was definately having richer food and bolusing etc for it, when I COULD eat 
but avoided carbohydrate rich foods.
Luckily I had enough syringes and a pen so I could keep giving extra insulin 
  I forgot ketostix but I didn't really need them as I knew by how c... I 
feltthat I was definately ketotic. I was only in Ireland so it could not 
have been climatic!! The strange thing was that my waking BG on arrival in 
the UK was 3.9 and has been down ever since! I had 3 bottles of insulin all 
from different batches as well as the pen and a box of sets . I kept 
changing them but it didn't seem to make a difference. Whilst I was away I 
managed but at times was really worried. I am desperate to live in Ireland 
but my husband would not move there. The last time we were there I was on 
the pump and cannot remember things being so difficult. I can only conclude 
that it was stress related and my body doesn't appreciate me enjoying myself 
! All the best Carmel

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