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Re: [IPk] strange rash

Hi Nanette,

I get a red itchy patch in the head, back of neck and palms of my hands, my
gp has given me cream too. It does help but the rash has been coming and
going for years now.

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Sent: Tuesday, September 23, 2003 9:05 PM
Subject: [IPk] strange rash

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> I have had a strange rash for the last week - on both legs, from the
> ankles, going up about 6 inches on each leg, worse at the back of the
> legs but spreads round to the front, looks red, then fades to pink,
> feels slightly hot to the touch, a bit stingy and itchy. Initially I
> assumed it was an allergy (though I could not imagine what) and would
> pass, but it has now been around for a week, not as bright red, but the
> stinging and itchiness is worse than at first. So I went to my GP
> today, he wondered if it was some diabetes-related dermatological
> condition, prescribed some cream to reduce the itchiness, and referred
> me to a dermatologist.
> Has anyone ever had anything like it?
> Thanks
> Nanette
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