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Re: [IPk] Carpal tunnel syndrome

Hi All,

     I had surgery in June this year for severe CTS and Trigger Finger, this
was diagnosed by electrical pulses being tested on arms and legs as I also
have neuropathy. Surgery was through local and I was in and out within a few
     The healing process though is a different matter I was told at least
six months for full recoverey, but I am still in constant pain especially
the CTS site which is very weak and painful, I have still got to have the
both operations on the reverse hands but to be honest I am really not sure
if to go ahead or not. on the trigger finger hand I can't bend the finger
completly and it still really aches.
     Yes I was told that both these problems were more common in "Diabetics"
are we just so lucky!!!.

While we are talking about Db related problems does any one have sponduloses
(excuse the spelling) of the spine or cervical spinal disease I seem to have
aquired both which the first is just painful and the second causes me to
pass out when leaning forward so I constantly wear a neck collar, apparantly
both are more common in Db or is this just spin in the NHS to cover not
really sure?

Best Regards

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