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Re: [IPk] Carpal tunnel syndrome

That's interesting - and strange how it differs country to country! Here in 
Aust, when i was dx'ed with it (first by my endo, then confirmed by a 
surgeon), back in 1996, they both mentioned the higher incidence in diabetics.

Some good background pages for reference (which also mention dm in passing):


FYI Melissa, in a discussion about neuropathy in July this year, Vinik 
mentions CTS as being a form of peripheral neuropathy in that it is an 
"entrapment neuropathy". The article is readable here: 


At 09:57 PM 20/09/2003, you wrote:

>Hows + whys: 4 years ago, conventional wisdom said it was not more common 
>in people with diabetes, just that if someone with diabetes happens to get 
>it, it will not go away. It will just get worse gradually and eventually 
>require surgery. My orthopedist in Virginia said that's why it's not 
>classed as a complication like nephropathy, retinopathy, etc. Any more 
>recent insights welcome!

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