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Re: [IPk] Humalog v. Novorapid (YMMV)


Fair question. Profiled testing (every 5 minutes for 90-120 minutes, hence 
the bruised and battered fingers) every 6 -9 months is how I know that 
about me :) I've done that over the years both using MDI and pumping. I do 
it less often while pumping, admittedly, but for example when I tried 
Novolog/rapid in the pump, I kept basal "normal" (for me) which for the 
week preceding had kept BG stable within 0.3 mmol for the corresponding 
time period using Humalog, and did 5 min testing for two hours in the 
morning, and then again in the afternoon to confirm. At the ten minute 
mark, the BG starts to move with Novorapid for me; with Humalog it doesn't 
move till I hit the 30 minute mark for me. I'm not suggesting this is the 
same in either case for anyone other than me, but just highlighting that we 
all respond differently - and not necessarily as we are "supposed to". I've 
also had a day or two where I chose to inject rather than pump, and found 
similar results in activity, peak etc - although I do notice a far longer 
effect with Novolog/rapid in me than with Humalog (around 6 hours as 
compared with around 4).

Not sure I've phrased this very well. Makes sense to me, but, well, I'm a 
bit strange (as my children keep informing me!).


At 09:08 AM 20/09/2003, you wrote:

> >I find Novorapid/Novolog takes about 10 minutes to start working in me
>Hi Tori -
>Forgive me being fussy, but how to you *know* the insulin is starting to
>work after 10 minutes? Do you notice a sudden slump in your BG, say? Just
>curious :-)

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