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Re: [IPk] Humalog v. Novorapid (YMMV)

>I find Novorapid/Novolog takes about 10 minutes to start working in me

Hi Tori -

Forgive me being fussy, but how to you *know* the insulin is starting to
work after 10 minutes? Do you notice a sudden slump in your BG, say? Just
curious :-)

I remember when I started using Humalog - about 6 years ago now. I was
still on injections (Pork Actrapid and Pork Insulatard). I was given a
bottle of this new insulin by a private diabetes specialist in London. He
told me to inject just a few units to take the top off a high BG as
necessary. Golly - the stuff worked rapidly. It felt like I'd just taken
some illegal recreational drug. I could sense it getting into my blood and
knocking out that high BG. A few months later I started on the pump, using
just Humalog. Did my body grow used to the Humalog? I certainly don't get
the highs I first got from it. Or maybe I've just got used to feeling
happier all the time. Don't know. But I did not feel happy when I tried
Novorapid 2 years ago. It seemed to make me feel depressed. But I guess we
are all different.


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