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Re: [IPk] "It's Just Your Diabetes"


Thankfully I don't have this problem with my legs although I do seem to get
pins and needles in my feet (especially at night) but not sure what that's
all about.

However, I spent many years under one particular GP who would always say
that things is because I am diabetic.  Mind you it made a change when I went
to him with a severe kidney infection when I was 36 weeks pregnant and was
told to "run along" it is pregnancy back pain.  Within 8 hours I was in
labour with extremely high temp and a chest infection for good measure.
Needless to say that I have changed GP's since then and she has not once
said "it's because of your diabetes".  I think there are good doctors out
there but I am assuming that because a diabetic may need to see a doctor
more often than a non diabetic, they seem to think that we are time

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>  How sick I am of hearing this comment from the doctors for things they
> quite put their finger on. Does anyone else suffer from this dulcid tone
> their ears when visiting the doctors?
>  For the past few months I have noticed my legs are becoming more and more
> useless. The bottom halve's feel like concrete weights and walking is
> more and more difficult, considering up until a few months ago I could
walk into
> the town in 20 mins now it takes an hour or so or a Taxi. Climbing the
stairs is
> near on impossible and all i get from my GP is it's just your diabetes or
> may be some wasting away of your lower spine. Then just a blank look.
>  This morning I was in the town and I stumbled into someone. Because I
> dressed in my normal Sunday Best, as it where. The lady assumed I was
trying to
> mug her and the police were called. However all was soon resolved. I think
> they realised what line of work I was in it would be unlikely that I would
> out such a dastardly deed. The lady was very apologetic, though I don't
> her for her way of thinking in these times.
>  Needless to say, I have booked an urgent appointment to see my GP this
> afternoon and I wonder if I am going to get the same "It's just your
>  Has anyone else on this site had a similar experience with concrete legs
due to
> diabetes? Am I being too harsh when I moan about the doctors saying this?
> Julian
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