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Re: [IPk] Humalog v. Novorapid (YMMV)

I've used Humalog and Novorapid in my pump (and also Actrapid/Regular in 
the past), and both in injections (along with isophane, Monotard, Actrapid, 
Ultra lente, Semilente and God knows what else over the years).

I find Novorapid/Novolog takes about 10 minutes to start working in me, but 
like Rhoda's friend, Humalog doesn't actually start moving my BG 
*effectively* till about the 30 minute mark, and hits its peak in me at 
about an hour and 15 minutes. That's regardless of where my BG starts (I 
just need a lot more insulin to overcome the heightened insulin resistance 
with a high BG). Yes, my bruised and battered fingers attest to the 
experiments I've conducted on this!


At 11:23 PM 19/09/2003, you wrote:

>Hi Ken,
>Yes! Precisely. Couldn't agree more. With Regular, one expects bg to take 
>longer to drop because the insulin always takes longer to work than 
>Humalog or NovoRapid, and (in my experience and observation) there's a 
>psychological perception that using an analogue (and perhaps even more 
>using an analogue in a pump) means that one will dependably get nearly 
>instant action from one's insulin.
>In real estate: 'location, location, location'.
>In diabetes management: 'patient education, patient education, patient 
>Right, now to get dressed.

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