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[IPk] Boots leaflet

Hi Abi,

Considering how heavily Accuchek is advertised and that there's a picture of 
a One Touch Ultra in the booklet too, I'd have expected lots of 
encouragement for frequent testing!  Whoever Boots was in cahoots with must 
be a man who knows about as much about women as he does about diabetes. At 
the end of the booklet it says that women with diabetes have no additional 
concerns when it comes to contraceptive pills. Really? Ask any woman with 
diabetes if her bgs didn't change when she went on the Pill.

Got a bit of a runaround with Boots but finally someone called me back this 
afternoon: 'We did have a GP look over it'. I said, 'That's great, but how 
many dermatologists does it take to set a broken leg?' I am gonna go through 
it line-by-line and type up what's bound to become a long Word document. 
I'll include scientific references to correct the factually wrong and/or 
out-of-date info, as well as simple clarifications of vague statements. I 
would love to have you (Abi), Mary, and Tony read over it when I'm done: 3 
GPs with diabetes > 1 GP who knows sweet f-a about it. I'll snare a couple 
of the big honcho diabetologists here in Oxford too. Anyone else--medic or 
otherwise--who would like to see it will be more than welcome too! Boots'll 
never have had such a good publication for free (I doubt they'll pay, but I 
ain't in this for the money).

IDDM 10+ years; MiniMed pumper 7 years; perfectionist 22 years

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