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Re: [IPk] "Its Just Your Diabetes" Update

On Friday 19 Sep 2003 17:00, Julian wrote:
>  I went to the Doctors and saw a locum. She says it must be your diabetes
> and probably something to do with peripheral neuropathy etc. However "I am
> not a specialist and I'll try to get you an early appointment with your
> diabetes specialist" She did a lot of reflex tests etc of which most were
> poor on my side. I'm getting very disheartned by all of this mainly because
> I don't know for sure what exactly is wrong, and because it is rapidly
> getting more severe it is becoming quite scary.

Sorry to hear that, Julian.

I sympathise a great deal. I suffer the same symptoms but only to a small 
degree. I find myself stumbling slightly to the side quite often. It's as if 
my balance is off but I'm pretty sure that's not it. It seems to be one leg, 
my right, that is the problem, and I describe it as 'my weak leg'. It usually 
doesn't cause a real problem but when skiing, or trying to run on a 
treadmill, good balance is a must! Doctors in the past have told me that it's 
nothing to do with diabetes, and that I should see an osteopath (which I 
would recommend but which hasn't helped with that particular problem). But 
I've always been convinced it was diabetes-related.

If it does turn out to be neuropathy, then I suppose the one positive thing to 
mention is that, as I understand it, neuropathy can be improved or stabilised 
by good blood sugar control. So it won't necessarily get worse. Best to wait 
and see what your consultant says, though, and try not to fret too much.

Best wishes,

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