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Re: [IPk] HbA1c backtrack

was the leaflet prepared in conjunction with some PCT obsessed with cutting
strip consumpton to one vial/ box etc per month?
In reality there are many people on insulin who do far less than this.
Usually control is abysmal. Sometimes you stumble across someone who has a
good A1c and never tests: would make me wonder about hypos even if patient
does not admitt to them  and is never carted off to A and E or needing
...! Now to attack
> the Boots-branded 'Living with diabetes' leaflet that I picked up from
> in Oxford yesterday. Updated in July 2002, it says in a patient profile
> box that a 13 year-old with type 1 who was diagnosed in January 2002,
> 3 injections per day, needs to test his blood sugar 'almost two blood
> most days'. Try 2 *times* that and we're nearly there. Thank you, Karen,
> your inspirational efforts to correct the BBC News website!
> All best,
> Melissa
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> Date: Fri, 19 Sep 2003 08:07:38 EDT
> Hi Melissa,
> I've always been led to believe that Hba1c's covered 3 months, this was
> confirmed in uni a week ago (we were discussing blood tests).  It takes
> information from the red blood cells, which have a life span of 120 days.
> Mandy xx
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