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Re: [IPk] Humalog v. Novorapid (YMMV)

I would suspect that the slow action of the Humalog when your bg is high is 
due to decreased sensitivity with high bgs. This phenomenon is not unique to 
humalog, but occurs with all insulins.


<Re Humalog action time, I found something anecdotally (now getting <actual 
<scientific notice!) that might be of interest to your friend. Humalog can 
<take longer to start working the higher the starting bg. For instance, if <
<bg's 4.5 before a meal, Humalog will work so fast I'd better wait until 
<after eating to take it. However, if my bg's 15, it'll be a good hour <
<it changes much. After about 1h 20 min, ooooooh BOY! does it ever go <down. 
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