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[IPk] "It's Just Your Diabetes"

 How sick I am of hearing this comment from the doctors for things they can't
quite put their finger on. Does anyone else suffer from this dulcid tone in
their ears when visiting the doctors?

 For the past few months I have noticed my legs are becoming more and more
useless. The bottom halve's feel like concrete weights and walking is getting
more and more difficult, considering up until a few months ago I could walk into
the town in 20 mins now it takes an hour or so or a Taxi. Climbing the stairs is
near on impossible and all i get from my GP is it's just your diabetes or there
may be some wasting away of your lower spine. Then just a blank look.

 This morning I was in the town and I stumbled into someone. Because I wasn't
dressed in my normal Sunday Best, as it where. The lady assumed I was trying to
mug her and the police were called. However all was soon resolved. I think when
they realised what line of work I was in it would be unlikely that I would carry
out such a dastardly deed. The lady was very apologetic, though I don't blame
her for her way of thinking in these times.

 Needless to say, I have booked an urgent appointment to see my GP this
afternoon and I wonder if I am going to get the same "It's just your diabetes".

 Has anyone else on this site had a similar experience with concrete legs due to
diabetes? Am I being too harsh when I moan about the doctors saying this?

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