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RE: [IPk] Humalog v. Novorapid (YMMV)

Hi Rhoda,

Re Humalog action time, I found something anecdotally (now getting actual 
scientific notice!) that might be of interest to your friend. Humalog can 
take longer to start working the higher the starting bg. For instance, if my 
bg's 4.5 before a meal, Humalog will work so fast I'd better wait until 
after eating to take it. However, if my bg's 15, it'll be a good hour before 
it changes much. After about 1h 20 min, ooooooh BOY! does it ever go down. 
It's like a tall tree falling....slowly, slowly, slowly, 
zzzzzzZOOOOM---->CRASH! If my bg's still elevated after 1h 45 min, I change 
my set and give the correction again.

I find it rather interesting that, in light of Humalog's delayed action time 
depending on bg, the Deltec Cozmo pump people have built in a 'You took a 
bolus a few minutes ago--are you *sure* you want another?' alarm into their 
pump. It's been reported that a fair number of new pumpers on Humalog give 
themselves massive hypos when they see their bgs have not decreased 45 mins. 
post-Humalog correction. They don't know the zzzzZooom! is just around the 
corner, and then they initiatate a second zzzzZooom. I never did myself 
unconscious, but I did give myself 2s a few times before I saw the pattern.

To avoid double-zzzzZoooming, I might take a total of 5 units in 3 goes over 
45 mins. if I'm out to dinner (garlic bread here...chips there...a glass of 
wine...). Given my way of spreading out a meal bolus, I'd turn off that 'Are 
you sure?' feature if I had a Cozmo. I wonder if it's a good thing that the 
pump can seem to suggest someone ought to take a big dose of Humalog all at 
once, probably before having eaten...hm.

Right, speaking of meals, it's nearly lunch and I'm still in my pyjamas.

IDDM 10+ years; MiniMed pumper 7 years
MDI w/Humilin R+NPH (isophane) 2 years; then Buffered Regular 2 years, then 
Humalog 5 years, now NovoRapid 3 weeks

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