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Re: [IPk] what to wear??

I sometimes do the pump under the arm thing. It makes a bit of a bulge 
but as long as you're not waving your arm around it's not that 
noticeable. I wear it that way sometimes with vest tops that have an 
inbuilt bra which makes it not very secure to put the pump in the bra 
bit, if you see what I mean! Those who have worn those tops will 
understand anyway..... Or if I'm wearing a very low cut top. The 
tubigrip thing for me still creates a huge bulge on my leg, even with a 
loose skirt or trousers. but I know it works for some (I still can't 
think how!)
One day we should have a get together and see for ourselves how all 
these different techniques work for other people!

Kate Clapham wrote:

> Hiya,
> Just caught onto this thread...
> One of my friends puts her pump under her arm, inside her bra strap - I
> hope that makes sense!
> I wear mine tucked into the outer edge of my bra cup (under-wired or
> otherwise) and bolus through whatever I'm wearing at the time...  I do
> hoike it out to check the time though - this can attract some funny
> looks but I am largely immune to that after being diabetic for 25 years
> now.
> Another option is to secure the pump using tubigrip or similar.  You can
> then place it on your thigh, or arm or wherever.

> Kate Clapham
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