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Re: [IPk] what to wear??

Thanks that was really helpful everyone...


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Sent: Thursday, September 18, 2003 8:20 AM
Subject: Re: [IPk] what to wear??

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> >as a diabetic pumper that is female i find it so hard to find any clothes
> >that conceal my pump, i get very self conscious. what should i do? i'm
> >thinking of opening a website about it with ideas and stuff, if anyone
> >thinks this is a good idea please tell me.....
> I've got a female friend here in Freiburg who uses a pump, and she wears
> outside, on a belt, in full display to the world. Forgive me sounding
> fussy, but I personally find that an odd thing to do. But each to his/her
> own I suppose.
> I myself always keep my pump in my trouser pocket. But then I'm a bloke so
> I'm usually wearing trousers with pockets. I cut a small hole high up in
> the lining of the pocket through which I thread the tubing. This means
> no tubing is visible, ever. And in the depths of winter there is no risk
> insulin freezing.
> I work in the theatre, and I can often be on stage wearing odd costumes,
> and in these situations I sometimes put the pump in my underpants.
> That was just a few idle thoughts...
> John
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