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Re: [IPk] what to wear??

hi Melissa
yes, my friends are used to seeing my whop the pump out from my bra 
whenever I need to bolus or check it :-) I do it in front of strangers 
too but they never comment (don't think they even notice!)
However, I suspect my boyfriend is going to get a shock one day when he 
discovers where my pump is when I'm wearing a dress! He's been great so 
far about it though and is completely understanding. I was a bit worried 
about it in bed because I just leave it in the bed next to me (if I put 
it under the pillow or anything I end up strangling myself with the 
line!) but it's been fine.

Melissa Ford wrote:

> Hi Di,
> Yes, when you happen to come to Oxford we must get together! Considering 
> as I recently showed an MDIer I know--and her boyfriend(!)--that my pump 
> was clipped to my bra when we ran into each other in the city centre one 
> Saturday evening, I s'pose I'm not truly as shy as I sometimes think I am.
> 'Course, I was also wearing cranberry-coloured fishnets, black 
> kitten-heeled shoes, a supershort flouro yellow miniskirt, and a tight 
> black-and-white striped top that night. I had little dignity to lose 
> right then...the things we will wear for 80s-themed parties, eh?
> Melissa
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